Arandjel Mitrovich


With my roots in the beautiful yet superstitious Balkans, I was born in a family of gifted women. Eastern Europe is considered a hot spot for psychic activity, and home to some of the most gifted psychics of all times, like Baba Vanga. That is where my spiritual awakening took place, with the help of my dear grandmother.


Due to the religious rigidity and traditions of that region, communicating with the spirit world is a strict taboo. As a result, I didn't really come to terms with my own mediumship until years later while living in North America. Which is also where I got certified as a yoga teacher. More

recently, I have taken classes at the esteemed Arthur Findlay

College, outside of London, where psychics and mediums from all

over the world get together to share and expand their knowledge.


In my practice I mix all these elements in order to provide my clients

with the fullest support.

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