Arandjel Mitrovich


I am Arandjel, a psychic medium. My experience spans internationally, having clients from all over the world. I come from a long line of gifted women. Healing is a huge part of it. As a yoga teacher I can't emphasize meditation enough. My favorite tool is the most basic tarot deck. I use all of my abilities and knowledge to aid my clients in their lives.

All readings are available in English, Swedish and Serbian/Bosnian.  


For more information on what I offer here, please peruse my services below. I would also like to help you develop your own dormant abilities through my blog.


In person consultation

45 mins $70


Readings, healing and meditation sessions are booked via my contact page or any of my social media.

One question reading $5


Got a pressing specific question you need the answer to? I'll look into it for you, using all my senses. Please provide a recent photo, birth date and details.



Aura reading $15


As I see auras (energy fields), I draw what I see on a photo you've provided me with (much like aura photography). Your aura is then briefly analyzed.

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